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Returns of Damaged Goods? You Need the Right Edge Protectors for Shipping

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Whether goods and products are being transported from the dispatcher between a business-to-business or between a business-to-user, the goods must arrive in pristine condition at the customer. Damaged goods mean that it is impossible to sell the products because they are unusable and therefore unacceptable. Damaged products are wasted money. Edge protectors to can be used when shipping your goods and products - they are a solution to these problems. The Value of An Edge Protector The primary use of temporary edge protectors is to reduce the incidence of damaged goods during shipping. A survey of wholesalers and retailers, sponsored by the Food Marketing Institute and the FMI/GMA alliance, found that damaged foods accounted for 43.3% of their unsaleable [...]

How to Prepare and Pack Electronic Goods for Shipping

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Electronic goods are fragile items and should be treated as such. This being said, most electronic goods get damaged during transit due to being incorrectly packed. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to correctly package your electronic goods for shipping. Use the Original Packaging The best way to pack an electronic device is by using the original box that it was sent in. It is the safest too. As an extra security measure, the original packaging should be placed in a second, bigger cardboard box. It is important not to leave any empty spaces inside. Filling the space with polystyrene or foam chips is advised. Correct Preparation The device should be disassembled where possible, placing each [...]

Why Push Pull Sheets Are The Future of Shipping

Wooden pallets have been the dominant shipping solution since World War II, but that may be about to change. Current trends suggest that traditional shipping methods will soon run up against the limits of sustainability. In time, alternative products like push & pull sheets may become the norm, not the exception. The Inevitable Demise of Pallets The problem with pallets is that they consume one of Earth’s most valuable resources: trees. Trees shore up the ground below them with their roots and help recycle some of the carbon dioxide produced by industrialization into breathable oxygen. Without them, we all become much more vulnerable to natural disasters and suffer the effects of poor air quality. Keeping a generous supply of them [...]

In the Shipping Business? Consider Corner Guards for Safer Transport

If you own or manage a shipping company, you have most likely encountered your share of items that have been damaged or even broken during transit. While this is a facet of the shipping industry, what if you could minimize the frequency of these incidents? You can – with a corner guard. Simple, small, and affordable, corner guards attach to the corners and edges of items and walls to protect them from scratches, dents, and impacts that often occur during a move. Just like your clients have different types of items to move, you can choose STRAP-O-GUARD: Place these corner guards under straps and other securing devices not just to keep boxes and furniture secure, but to protect against [...]