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A Guide to Different Types of Corner Guards

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Corner edge guards make it safer and easier to transport your goods and avoid accidental damage in the process. Unfortunately, choosing the right ones for your specific products is a challenge due to the fact that there are so many different types of corner guards in Canada. We take a look at the three most common types below. Classic Heavy Duty Corner Guards  These corner guards are made out of sturdy chipboard and are set at 90-degree angles so that they are able to fit perfectly when placed against any straight-edged item. These corner guards can be easily customized to suit customer specifications and are usually placed along the entire perimeter of the item in question so as to [...]

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Packaging Partner

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Are you considering hiring a packaging partner to assist you in exporting your products safely and efficiently, and to provide you with essentials such as shipping corner protectors? Good for you. Unfortunately, not all packaging partners are created equal! Before making a final decision regarding which company to work with, you should ask yourself the 5 following questions: Can They Provide References?  It’s not wise to simply trust what the company says on their website. What really makes an impact is to hear from both the company’s past and current clients in terms of their personal experiences when dealing with the company. Do They Offer a Warranty?  If they can’t offer you a warranty, any damage to your goods [...]