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Save On Damage Claims When You Pack with The Pros

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Whether you have an internet-based business or a shipping company, most business owners and logistics managers know that shipping involves much more than putting items into a box and hoping they make it to their destination in one piece. Besides getting a handle on hidden shipping fees and missing parcels, you also need to keep damage claims to a minimum. Here is a bit of advice from the packing pros: Avoid Inadequate Packaging Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality packaging. While the inferior packaging may be cheaper, you will run the risk of a company refusing to process your damage claims if they can prove that inadequate packaging was used. Different products and items need to be packed, loaded [...]

Take Your Customer Service from Zero to Hero with Expert Packaging Solutions

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If a part of your business relies on shipping, or if you have a shipping business, then you know how easily products can get damaged. A variety of factors can lead to damaged and missing products, such as: The rough handling of boxes, Moving the products throughout the different distribution facilities, Theft, and many more. In today’s world, customers expect a higher level of service than ever before. Besides being able to find and buy what they want instantly, they also want to be able to track the shipping process and rest assured that their products will be delivered on time; in one piece. The easiest way to disappoint a customer is to deliver their product in a damaged [...]

A Guide to Different Types of Corner Guards

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Corner edge guards make it safer and easier to transport your goods and avoid accidental damage in the process. Unfortunately, choosing the right ones for your specific products is a challenge due to the fact that there are so many different types of corner guards in Canada. We take a look at the three most common types below. Classic Heavy Duty Corner Guards  These corner guards are made out of sturdy chipboard and are set at 90-degree angles so that they are able to fit perfectly when placed against any straight-edged item. These corner guards can be easily customized to suit customer specifications and are usually placed along the entire perimeter of the item in question so as to [...]

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Packaging Partner

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Are you considering hiring a packaging partner to assist you in exporting your products safely and efficiently, and to provide you with essentials such as shipping corner protectors? Good for you. Unfortunately, not all packaging partners are created equal! Before making a final decision regarding which company to work with, you should ask yourself the 5 following questions: Can They Provide References?  It’s not wise to simply trust what the company says on their website. What really makes an impact is to hear from both the company’s past and current clients in terms of their personal experiences when dealing with the company. Do They Offer a Warranty?  If they can’t offer you a warranty, any damage to your goods [...]

Save Money and Go Green with Slip Sheets

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Whether you are in the shipping, handling and storage industry or simply need to make sure that your products are safely transported from A to B.  A slip sheet is a great way to ensure maximum protection of your products while they are being moved. What Is a Slip Sheet? Also known as a separator sheet, slip sheets are essentially product dividers. If you are packing your products on a skid and there are multiple layers of product stacked on top of each other, then slip sheets can be used to minimize the movement of the products (and essentially minimize damage). Companies in the bottling and canning industries, for example, invest in slip sheets because it saves them a [...]

What Types of Packaging Options Are There for Shipping Goods

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Making sure that your products are shipped safely and securely can be challenging. Even when manufacturers and industrial companies take special care to wrap products and load them onto trucks, breakages can easily occur between manufacturer and distributor. Corner guards can help prevent damage in many ways. When they are used correctly, they can make a significant impact when it comes to limiting the damage to your items.  Corner protectors, for example, ensure that your products are protected with low caliper edge board. These types of corner guards are used when transporting furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, etc. Corner-Edge Products Ltd. offers a variety of corner guards that are uniquely tailored for specific shipping purposes: PROTECT-O-GUARD® is made of prime [...]

Moving Your Business Online? You Need a Packaging Professional!

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Moving to an online platform for a business is an absolute necessity, whether it is to drive leads or simply to provide visitors, curious about the company’s products or services, with information. Not having a website is selling a business short, as most leads are being generated online. At this point, more than ever, people are ignoring commercials or even ads in the paper – they simply ‘Google’ what they need to know. Not having a website, or at least some type of online presence cuts these individuals out of the pool of potential customers. So How Is Packaging Involved? When moving your place of operations online, you no longer have a physical store where your customers choose their [...]

How the Right Packaging Partner Can Help Grow Your Business In 2018

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From local farmers to multinational corporations, no matter what business you’re in, the key principle is always the same. Grow your market to increase sales and boost your bottom line. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s easy to get stuck in a ‘small business’ mindset and ignore the growth potential that the rest of the world has to offer. Trading regionally or nationally may be enough to help get you by, but it limits your business’ growth potential and prevents it from ever really taking off. If you believe in your product or service, and it is selling well, there is more than a good chance that there is a bigger market out there for you. And, with the right [...]

In the Shipping Business? Consider Corner Guards for Safer Transport

If you own or manage a shipping company, you have most likely encountered your share of items that have been damaged or even broken during transit. While this is a facet of the shipping industry, what if you could minimize the frequency of these incidents? You can – with a corner guard. Simple, small, and affordable, corner guards attach to the corners and edges of items and walls to protect them from scratches, dents, and impacts that often occur during a move. Just like your clients have different types of items to move, you can choose STRAP-O-GUARD: Place these corner guards under straps and other securing devices not just to keep boxes and furniture secure, but to protect against [...]