If you own or manage a shipping company, you have most likely encountered your share of items that have been damaged or even broken during transit. While this is a facet of the shipping industry, what if you could minimize the frequency of these incidents? You can – with a corner guard.

Simple, small, and affordable, corner guards attach to the corners and edges of items and walls to protect them from scratches, dents, and impacts that often occur during a move.

Just like your clients have different types of items to move, you can choose

  • STRAP-O-GUARD: Place these corner guards under straps and other securing devices not just to keep boxes and furniture secure, but to protect against scuffing from the straps themselves.
  • WRAP-O-GUARD: Not all edges are straight! This solution offers protection for rounded or curved edges, perfect for rounded tables, cylinders, and drums.
  • PROTECT-O-GUARD: If you need both protection and organization, consider this corner guard option. You can change the thickness and colour for easy item management, plus you can place these clipboard joints along edges in their entirety.

When you want safe, reliable solutions to moving clients, look no further than a corner guard. With their durability and flexibility, a corner guard will help to get you where you want to go safely.