Whether you are in the shipping, handling and storage industry or simply need to make sure that your products are safely transported from A to B.  A slip sheet is a great way to ensure maximum protection of your products while they are being moved.

What Is a Slip Sheet?

Also known as a separator sheet, slip sheets are essentially product dividers. If you are packing your products on a skid and there are multiple layers of product stacked on top of each other, then slip sheets can be used to minimize the movement of the products (and essentially minimize damage). Companies in the bottling and canning industries, for example, invest in slip sheets because it saves them a considerable amount of money from bottle and can breakages. Other industries that use slip sheets include plastics, food, baking, picture framing, glass and the food businesses. The reason why these sheets are considered environmentally friendly is that there will be much less waste because of breakages.

Two common sizes for these slip sheets are:

  • 40” x 48”
  • 38” x 45”

These sheets also vary in caliper and thickness.

Another packaging and transportation solution that is often used in conjunction with slip sheets is ‘push-and-pull sheets’, which can replace wooden pallets. With this option, products are loaded onto the heavy sheets before it is dragged onto a fork and loaded onto trucks. Not all products can be shipped this way, but significant savings can be achieved if your products lend itself to push-and-pull sheets.

When you invest in slip sheets from Corner-Edge Products Ltd., you can rest assured that you are buying products that market-leading consumers and manufacturers invest in. Contact us for more information about our slip sheeting and slip sheet pallets today.