Whether you have an internet-based business or a shipping company, most business owners and logistics managers know that shipping involves much more than putting items into a box and hoping they make it to their destination in one piece. Besides getting a handle on hidden shipping fees and missing parcels, you also need to keep damage claims to a minimum. Here is a bit of advice from the packing pros:

  • Avoid Inadequate Packaging

Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality packaging. While the inferior packaging may be cheaper, you will run the risk of a company refusing to process your damage claims if they can prove that inadequate packaging was used. Different products and items need to be packed, loaded and transported differently, so make sure you’ve invested in the right packaging.

  • Weigh Items Yourself

If you don’t have a commercial scale to weigh the items that you want to be transported, then it’s likely that you are filling in an estimated account. Shipping companies re-weigh boxes and items before they are transported and will often charge you if the original estimate isn’t in line with their weight measurements.

  • Avoid Potential Damages Throughout the Journey with Corner Guards

Despite a shipping company’s best intentions, too often the product arrives damaged at its destination due to products being moved between different carriers and distribution facilities. One of the best preventative measures you can take is investing in corner guards. When applied correctly, the product (such as furniture or cabinets, for example) is protected with low calliper edge board to avoid the possibility of damage during shipping.

Whether you need pallet edge protectors, box edge protectors or advice about edge protection packaging, Corner Edge has the solutions you need. Contact us for more information today.