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Save On Damage Claims When You Pack with The Pros

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Whether you have an internet-based business or a shipping company, most business owners and logistics managers know that shipping involves much more than putting items into a box and hoping they make it to their destination in one piece. Besides getting a handle on hidden shipping fees and missing parcels, you also need to keep damage claims to a minimum. Here is a bit of advice from the packing pros: Avoid Inadequate Packaging Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality packaging. While the inferior packaging may be cheaper, you will run the risk of a company refusing to process your damage claims if they can prove that inadequate packaging was used. Different products and items need to be packed, loaded [...]

What Types of Packaging Options Are There for Shipping Goods

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Making sure that your products are shipped safely and securely can be challenging. Even when manufacturers and industrial companies take special care to wrap products and load them onto trucks, breakages can easily occur between manufacturer and distributor. Corner guards can help prevent damage in many ways. When they are used correctly, they can make a significant impact when it comes to limiting the damage to your items.  Corner protectors, for example, ensure that your products are protected with low caliper edge board. These types of corner guards are used when transporting furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, etc. Corner-Edge Products Ltd. offers a variety of corner guards that are uniquely tailored for specific shipping purposes: PROTECT-O-GUARD® is made of prime [...]