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Take Your Customer Service from Zero to Hero with Expert Packaging Solutions

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If a part of your business relies on shipping, or if you have a shipping business, then you know how easily products can get damaged. A variety of factors can lead to damaged and missing products, such as: The rough handling of boxes, Moving the products throughout the different distribution facilities, Theft, and many more. In today’s world, customers expect a higher level of service than ever before. Besides being able to find and buy what they want instantly, they also want to be able to track the shipping process and rest assured that their products will be delivered on time; in one piece. The easiest way to disappoint a customer is to deliver their product in a damaged [...]

Moving Your Business Online? You Need a Packaging Professional!

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Moving to an online platform for a business is an absolute necessity, whether it is to drive leads or simply to provide visitors, curious about the company’s products or services, with information. Not having a website is selling a business short, as most leads are being generated online. At this point, more than ever, people are ignoring commercials or even ads in the paper – they simply ‘Google’ what they need to know. Not having a website, or at least some type of online presence cuts these individuals out of the pool of potential customers. So How Is Packaging Involved? When moving your place of operations online, you no longer have a physical store where your customers choose their [...]

Returns of Damaged Goods? You Need the Right Edge Protectors for Shipping

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Whether goods and products are being transported from the dispatcher between a business-to-business or between a business-to-user, the goods must arrive in pristine condition at the customer. Damaged goods mean that it is impossible to sell the products because they are unusable and therefore unacceptable. Damaged products are wasted money. Edge protectors to can be used when shipping your goods and products - they are a solution to these problems. The Value of An Edge Protector The primary use of temporary edge protectors is to reduce the incidence of damaged goods during shipping. A survey of wholesalers and retailers, sponsored by the Food Marketing Institute and the FMI/GMA alliance, found that damaged foods accounted for 43.3% of their unsaleable [...]