About Us

Corner-Edge Products provide maximum protection for your goods, your business and your peace of mind. Our innovative edge protection solutions safeguard your valued items during shipping, handling and storage.

Corner-Edge Products has been the Leader in the Reinforcement and Product Protection Manufacturing for nearly three decades. Our focus is on high quality manufacturing, environmental responsibility and “superior customer service” which has earned us a solid track record of Quality and Reliability.

We manufacture the “strongest most durable edge board” in North America. We use only the finest “certified” food grade, allergen and hazardous material free paper by purchasing “prime recycled paper board”. Our “unique” high performance glues and “flood coating process” ensure maximum protection far beyond the competition.

Corner-Edge Products saves our customers tens of thousands of dollars on product packaging and waste disposal by reducing the carton ECT and pallet wrap. More importantly, we save our clients money by reducing or eliminating their damage claims and returns.

Our practical, Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions combined with our Project Management Assistance will ensure that your product arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

Corner Edge Clients:
  • Market Leading Consumer Brands
  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Produce Growers
Corner-Edge Products Advantage:
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Increase Product Integrity
  • Increase Product Protection
  • Reduce Packaging Cost
  • Reduce Pallet Wrap
  • Reduce Damage Claims
  • Reduce Stress on Environment
  • Reduce Corrugated Strength Test
  • Reduce Space Requirement
  • Reduce Transportation Costs