Corner Guards

Shipping product safely and securely can be a real challenge. Despite shipping company’s best intentions, too often the product arrives damaged at its destination. This is often due to the rough treatment when product is being moved from carrier to carrier or through the distribution facilities.

Unfortunately, you have little control over product after it leaves its point of origin but if it arrives at its destination damaged then the customer could refuse the shipment. This is extremely costly. More so, customer relations is often also at stake.

Corner guards help prevent damage and provide the following benefits when applied correctly.

  • Corner Protectors – Product is protected with low calliper edge board to avoid the possibility of damage when shipping. An example of this would be protecting furniture, windows / doors, cabinets, etc.
  • Load Stability or Containment – Having product on a skid with the correctly sized corner posts is more secure when the corner posts are added. Adding pallet wrap to the skid after corners have been applied makes the skid extremely secure during transportation. It is also possible to reduce the consumption of pallet wrap when the product is firmly in place and the tensioning of the pallet wrap is correct. This will ensure the load will not shift when being moved.
  • Multiple Stacking – Stacking skids has definite cost benefits. Less warehouse space is required plus shipping costs are reduced.

Corner Edge offers three different types of corner guards uniquely tailored for specific shipping purposes: the PROTECT-O-GUARD®, the STRAP-O-GUARD® and the WRAP-O-GUARD®.


For when a customer needs a little extra edge guard protection in areas our other products don’t cover., Our STRAP-O-GUARD® is an easy way to reinforce shipping and packing equipment while also protecting the product. These smaller chipboard pieces are intended to be placed against an item underneath straps and harnesses, allowing strapping to be more tightly fastened without damaging the item in question. They are specially designed to be thick enough to cushion effectively against the intense pressure of the strap and allow it to become slightly embedded in the chipboard; this makes these strap guards’ traction and grip unparalleled. They can be used with either plastic or steel strapping and is available in standard sizes that can tackle any load.


For items that are shaped a little differently than most, corner guards have been adapted into the WRAP-O-GUARD®. This edge protector is a long, pleated strip that can be wrapped around curved or rounded edges to keep them safe. Like our corner guards and other edge protection products, it holds up perfectly under pressure and stays secure once put in place. It is particularly recommended for guarding against potential roll damage on items that can’t be moved any other way – this primarily includes barrels, drums, paper rolls and other cylindrical objects. It’s a simple, innovative solution to what would otherwise be a tricky packing problem.


Protect O Guard

PROTECT-O-GUARD® is our dedicated corner protection product, made of prime chipboard and set at 90-degree angles to fit snugly against any straight-edged item. Customized to customers specifications, we have a full range of sizes to fit on just about anything, from coffee tables to glass sheets to standard shipping boxes, and Protect-O-Guard can be placed along the entire perimeter for full coverage. These corner guards are also highly customizable – clients can choose between thicknesses ranging from 2.0 to 12.7 millimetres. At your request these boards can be printed up to two colours with a company logo. These options make it easy to give your corner guards extra organizational functionality and make Protect-O-Guard a branding opportunity even during the shipping process.

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    Leg Sizes for All Your Needs
    Board WidthStandardOffset
    3″1 1/2” x 1 1/2“1” x 2”
    4″2” x 2“1” x 3”
    5″2 1/2” x 2 1/2“2” x 3”
    6″3” x 3“2” x 4”
    8″4” x 4“
    • Furniture & Appliances
    • Windows, Doors & Blinds
    • Kitchen Manufacturers
    • Wood Flooring
    • Metal Industry
    • Glass Manufacturers
    • Displays
    • Food Products
    • Fruit & Vegetables
    • Bottled Products
    • Metal Industry
    • Warehouse – Space savings
    • Transportation – Save on damage claims
    • Package Integrity – Minimize returns