Slip Sheets

Slip sheets or separator sheets also known as product dividers are used when packing product on a skid when multiple layers of product are stacked on top of each other. These sheets vary in thickness or caliper, the most common being 18pt to 20pt as well as 28pt. Two common sizes for these slip sheets are 40” x 48” and 38” x 45” . These sheets are commonly used in the bottling industry and canning industry where items are frequently stacked on top of each other. Slip sheets have considerable money saving potential when placed correctly to support product being shipped.

These sheets are used extensively in the picture framing industry and are also used as travel bag stiffeners. Other industries that can see immediate benefits of slip sheet usage include plastics, furniture, baking and food.

Advantages of Chipboard Slip Sheets versus Corrugated: 

  • Much more economical (Huge Savings!)
  • Takes up 1/5 of valuable floor space for same quantity vs. corrugated
  • Better stabilization on your skid load

Push Pull Sheets

Push and Pull sheets are used as wooden pallet replacements. Product is stacked on the heavy sheet and with a fork lift modification the sheet with product is dragged onto the forks and loaded onto trucks for transportation. Although not all product can be handled this way, there are significant saving associated with this method.

Some of the advantages of using Push & Pull Sheets include: Slip Sheets

  • No Maintenance or repair of skids
  • Reduce material handling cost
  • Better use of shipping container volume
  • Reusable and fully recyclable
  • Eliminate skid storage and disposal
  • Available in various sizes and thicknesses
  • Health & Safety aspects
  • Environmentally friendly with no compromises

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